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Find your own thread.  BbWorld '07BbWorld '07 in Boston is coming and Paul Erickson's blog post inspired me to create a new Facebook group for conference attendees and those who are thinking about it.  His post resonates with me that the conference is not only about the sessions but also about everything that surrounds the sessions; the people you meet, the faces that you can put to email addresses on the various Blackboard listservs and meeting and chatting with Blackboarders that shape the product.  It's about the memorable events that occur and what you take away as memories.

I must sheepishly admit that I am not a big session attender.  My first Bb Conference was in 1999 when I actually went to a full schedule of sessions.  I have a much better time talking to Blackboarders and those who make the Blackboard work at their respective institutions.  You will find that many have the same challenges and triumphs.  I find that the conference opens your mind and energizes you.

If you've not been to one or haven't been in a while, the conferences are pretty big these days and with the combination of the classic Blackboard/WebCT folks attending these now, you get a feel for what the products do, what they don't do and get a glimpse of what is coming (at least whatever the Bb lawyers will let you look at :-))  It's not necessarily an event where go solely to hear what's up with Blackboard but you get a chance to speak to some of your peers about what's going on with Blackboard at their institutions.  I think the message in the conference logo above is perfect.  "Find your common thread".  That's what it's all about!

This year the Blackboard Developer Conference follows BbWorld.  Now I have no excuses not to go.  I've done a fair bit of Building Blocks development yet I have never been to one of these and I'm looking forward to it.  Additionally, the Bb Open Source Day follows the Developer Conference. It's being finalized now so more details will follow.  I was unable to go to the first one so this should be interesting.  I get to meet some of my fellow open source developers.  I'm sure it will be a great time.

If you're on Facebook, come on over and join the BbWorld '07 Conference group.

Thanks for your blog post Paul. I'll see you in Boston. 


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